Tecmer" bridge crane”

How many times have we heard … “an overhead crane cannot be dismantled from one site and relocated by another party”. What seemed like an impossible undertaking, instead it was realized, the seller had a realization that exceeded his expectations and the buyer had a saving compared to the new one.

Even in this case, everything went well, thanks to our expertise and the collaboration of a staff of experienced installers and professionals, selected by us.

All of us, working as a team, have been able to balance all the aspects, economic, technical and administrative, necessary to enable and put into operation a used bridge crane.

We thank all those who have contributed, with the promise to reconstitute the team again at the next opportunity!

OSCAM Sagomatura robot "SMART FUTURA 2M"

It is not easy to revive a used machine once it is disassembled. However, if the machinery is complete, reliable and robust and there is the competence of those who put their efforts to sell it, then the company is possible, even without a revision intervention. In fact, an expert buyer who won it, along with the many spare parts, made a good deal, as did the seller who realized the residual value. We worked hard and patiently to ensure that all the components of the Shaping Robot were selected and checked for optimal re-assembly. And finally ….. loading and shipping preparation.


“SPIREX” Schnell stirrup bender

Connecting sellers and buyers of used goods is what we do. Often the most important thing is to help the buyer understand the state, the capabilities and the potential of the machine that has aroused his interest and finally the appropriate value. In this case it was a machine in perfect condition, unique in its kind, which allowed exclusive processing. Convinced of the goodness of SPIREX, with determination, we found an interlocutor who understood that it would facilitate his workings. Agreement reached! Finally, to complete the commitment, supervision of the disassembly and loading phases.

MEP GAM cage making machine

This prestigious MEP model GAM 1500/12 cage maker, although working, had been stopped because the old owner had replaced it with a new model. With care, patience and dedication we were able to demonstrate to one of our foreign customers that, even saving money, he could equip himself with a still valid machine. The old owner instead has recovered unexpected resources to better face the new investment. As usual, everything has been followed personally, nothing is left to chance, the work must be perfect. We salute the car heading towards Eastern Europe that the phone is already ringing again …

Benders "P10 / 84" Oscam

A new client did not miss this beautiful folding frame.
We worked on it to completely revise it and the result was a success.
As soon as it was ready, it was sold immediately. A demonstration, once again, of our ability to understand the real value of a used good that we take on.
All happy then, and on to work on new trades.

Schnell Robomaster Shaping Center

The trust of our customers is the most important thing and is a guarantee for both parties.
Years of work well done have been decisive for reaching an agreement in terms of content and at the right time.
As is our custom, all phases, including loading, have been personally followed to protect the machinery.
The Shaping Center will remain in Europe and will once again demonstrate its value.

Schnell / Gricor GTM 1100/12 cage machine

Once again, thanks to the passion for what we do, in a short time, we have allowed a sale with mutual satisfaction of our customers.
The old owner was satisfied with the agreement reached and the buyer strengthened his business respecting the budget.
The machine, once it reaches its destination, will continue to do its job to the new owner’s satisfaction.
Our customers’ appreciation of our work has been, and will remain, the best award for us

Robot Master Schnell shaping center

With commitment and dedication, we have satisfied our client’s requests maximizing their achievements, in the shortest possible time, about 1 month.
We have joined his desire to build from this machine, with the desire of a foreign customer who aspired to a newer technology machine but with limited amounts … We have succeeded !!!
Now this machine is routed in international waters to its new factory.
Your goal has been achieved, but above all our great victory is having satisfied our customers

Schnell / Gricor GTM 1100/12 cage machine

PLANET 16 PLUS” MEP stirrup bending machine

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Schnell Robot Master 40/12 shaping center

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Schnell “BAT 65 T” automatic cutting bench with Genius loader

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Schnell Optibat 100T cutting table



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Robomaster Schnell shaping center